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    Hardest cermet in the NTK range. Especially resistant to plastic deformation.  

Finish turning and boring of steel and
sintered alloy

    Applicable for a wide range of
cutting conditions
  Finish, semi-finish turning of steel
  High performance cermet. Excellent fracture toughness for bearing machining   General turning
  Wide range of cutting speeds and
work materials

General turning

  TiN coated C7X for extra wear resistance   General turning
  N40 is the toughest Cermet Grade   General turning, copying and grooving
of steel
  PVD TiN coated + T15   Finish, semi-finish turning of steel and
ductile iron
  PVD TiCN coated + T15   High speed finish turning of ductile steel
  PVD TiCN coated + C50   Milling of steel
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