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    High wear resistance and toughened in low speed, low feed conditions.
Minute depths of cut possible

Micro-grain Carbon

    High deposition resistance for Stainless Steels, Titanium and low Carbon Steels   PVD TiN Coated Micro-grain Carbide
    High toughness and thermal shock resistance. Ideal for rough turning of steel
- interrupted cuts
  PVD TiCN coated Micro-grain Carbon
  Highly resistant to built-up edge. Ideal for free cutting soft steels.
High deposition resistance
  PVD special TiCN coated Micro-grain Carbon
  Micro-grain carbide with mirror finish grind   Turning of aluminium and
non-ferrous materials
  TiCN coated KM1   Turning of sintered alloys/heat resistant alloys
  TiAlN coating   Turning and milling of steel
  TiAlN coating   Turning and milling of ductile iron
  TiAlN coating   Turning stainless steel


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