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The NTK SS tool series offers indexable inserts suitable for automatic CNC lathes with gang type tooling, CNC autos (with turret) and cam type autos.

Indexable inserts which replace conventional brazed tools lead to short set up time and elimination of re-grinding.
In addition, coated micro grain carbide and cermets gives higher quality and efficiency and longer tool life.


NTK SS tool series applicable to almost all automatic CNC lathes and small type CNC lathes.

  • The holder shank size can be selected from 8mm to 25mm, while 8mm, 10mm and 12mm are generally used.
  • The shape of the tool can be selected according to the structure of the tool post for example gang or turret type.

Indexable insert covers almost kind of machining of automatic CNC lathes.
Cut off, front turning, back turning, grooving, threading, boring and end milling.

The insert shape and material can be selected from various types according to the application.

  • Indexable insert with a sharp edge which is suitable for minute cutting can be selected.
  • The material can be selected from various types of micro grain cemented carbides including KM3 which offers both excellent cutting performance and toughness, ZM3, QM3 and VM1, which offer improved wear resistance and deposition resistance while keeping the merits of base material, and also Cermets which offer high-speed cutting, high wear-resistance and excellent surface finishes.
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