Product Overview

Choosing the right solution for your application

  1. High Speed Machining Of Aerospace (HRSA) materials – cutting speeds up to 10 times that of carbide are regularly achieved. Application – turbine rings, turbine blades. 
  2. High Speed Machining Of Cast Iron – both cutting speed and tool life are radically increased. Application – brake discs, brake drums, cylinder liners, pulleys and flywheels, clutch parts, engine blocks and gearbox casings. 
  3. Hard Part Machining – a replacement for grinding, hard turning and milling offers many advantages, in time cycle and cost reduction Application – Bearings, gears and hardened shafts. 
  4. Sliding Head Tooling – a specialist range for sliding head (swiss type) machines. Designed for use on machines such as Citizen, Star and others. Application – Medical, IT components, Watch parts. 
  5. High Speed Machining Of Aluminium – using PCD (poly crystalline diamond) allows very high cutting speeds and greatly extended tool life. Applications – engine blocks, casings, spools.
Bidemic, Sialon, Whisker Ceramic, Ceramic End Mills
Oxide Ceramic, Mixed Ceramics, Silicon Nitride, Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD)

Sliding Head (Swiss type) Tooling – Micro Grain Carbide (MGC)